Therapist and executive functioning coach, specializing in helping with emotional or mental health concerns, and with organizational, behavioral, and academic needs.

I have 10+ years of experience helping people with diverse needs to thrive emotionally, socially, and academically. I specialize in using psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral lenses to help clients overcome barriers that may be preventing them from accessing their personal potential. Sharing your story and your traumas can be painful. Working together, we will help you to develop the insight, awareness, and self-compassion needed to heal.


I am also a licensed learning specialist who works with young people and adults using an executive functioning lens to help clients who are struggling organizationally and motivationally.


As an avid writer, surfer, skateboarder, and musician, I am able to connect with a variety of clients around their personal interests and create ways to bridge creative passions to the therapy, coaching, tutoring, and counseling experience. If you or your child are experiencing difficulties emotionally, interpersonally, academically, socially, or organizationally, I can help. 

Matthew L Rohrer Therapist Brooklyn NYC Executive Functioning Coach Counselor Counseling
Matthew L Rohrer Therapist Brooklyn NYC Executive Functioning Coach Counselor Counseling

My Services


Executive Functioning Tutoring

Feeling depression, anxiety, or hopelessness? Experiencing difficulty in interpersonal relationships? Using psychoanalytic, cognitive-behavioral, and other therapeutic lenses, I can help you to gain valuable insights into what may be holding you up. Working through various thought patterns, traumas, and emotional states together will help you to become unstuck, and experience life more fully.  

I do therapy under the supervision of Atash Yahgmaian, LCSW and through Dwellness under the supervision of Anna Levy Warren. 

Using an individualized approach, I work with clients to uncover ways that they can engage in their learning in authentic and meaningful ways. With an emphasis on process and reflection, I help clients to create and utilize sustainable systems and strategies for approaching assignments, projects, and assessments. I employ a variety of self-made materials that I have developed to help teachers make their classrooms more accessible to students with a variety of executive functioning needs. 

I have worked for several years with Organizational Tutors, and highly recommend them for executive functioning coaching if I am not a good fit. 


Matthew L Rohrer Therapist and Executive Functioning Coach. Brooklyn Therapy

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